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First Impressions

Image isn’t everything, but it is the first thing people see of you or your business. Does your image match your message? Does your message inspire your audience? Halo Designs is here to help you create your best first impression, as well as an enduring identity.

I worked for the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) in Indianapolis for six years. One of my most fulfilling roles at SBE was editor of its newsletter. When I started working for SBE in 1999, The Signal was a two-color quarterly newsletter. By the time I left, it was being printed bimonthly with several pages in full color. Not only did I serve as editor for the newsletter, but I was also responsible for all graphic design, event photography, advertising sales and some writing. In 2003, The Signal was named Indiana’s Best Association-Published Newsletter by the Indiana Society of Association Executives.

My employment with SBE ended in the summer of 2006 when I got married and moved out of state (the nature of the job required a full-time person at the SBE national office). However, when an emergency arose, my former employer called on me to finish their annual directory and produce one final issue of The Signal.

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